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You don’t need to install anything. Our software is not operating system or browser dependent. Whether you work with a Windows, Mac or choose to use Google Chrome or FireFox, among others; we deliver accurate cell count results in seconds directly through our website rapidbiolabs.com.
We do not have a mobile application yet. However, our service can be used at desktops, tablets and mobile phones by directly browsing our website. Mobile application is within our goals to provide a mobile application that will make researchers’ work experience more comfortable and accessible. If you are interested to know when it is available please register your contact for announcement.
Traditional cell counting works by providing researchers with manual clickers to look at an image of a human cell through a microscope; this is a process that can take hours to complete. We have collected large datasets of these human cell images and using AI techniques, we have trained our data models to identify cells within an image. These models allow our software to count cells by following an iterative and repetitive learning process, which guarantees results that are accurate and fast to produce.
Our users can cancel their membership, delete personal information, saved images and count results at any time by clicking on the “Delete account” option on your profile page. If you face any difficulty, please email us a request at info@rapidbiolabs.com.
All images are stored in the account which is accessible only to users with their respective password. Both the images and the accounts can be deleted upon the request of a user. All the data that is provided to us is saved and utilized to meet the requirements of researchers and is not available to the public at any stage of the research process.
Cell Counting
We follow a process of verification and validation through testing, so the cell count results provided have a high accuracy level. Also, the annotated image shown to show which cells are counted. You can trust our results by testing our software generated cell counts with your manual counts results. Our engineers continuously verify and validate the software we produce before its deployment following a series of test cases. Accuracy varies based on the quality of your image, however our testing shows more than 96% accuracy is provided.
Our website currently accepts human blood cell images that are high resolution with a limit of 300 count results. Our datasets and the models that are created from them are multiple in matters of type and are currently in the validation stage, which will need further testing before deployment. We aim to grow our repertory of cell types according to the needs of current scientific research, such as the Hela Cells, which allowed us to explore different requirements and deliver accordingly.
Our software is not dependent on the type of microscope used. The only requirements for images to upload are the high resolution and maximum count of 300; we deliver accurate count results of any blood cell images with these descriptions.