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Admin / January 24, 2023

Have you ever thought about exactly how much time is consumed researching to come up with results in labs? Have you ever wondered about the problems that researcher’s face or the amount of energy and time it takes them to finally come up with results?

Here at Rapid Bio-labs, our aim is to assist with these long processes by offering new customized solutions, which meets everyone’s needs; at a lower cost and with much less time.

Researchers spend years in their labs trying to achieve their tasks. One of which, is cell count. Normally, manual cell counting can take up to seven whole hours, just to get the accurate result needed to develop a certain medicine or solution. The founders of our company know this problem first hand, as it faced them many times working in the labs, which led to our ground-breaking new quick solution; AI-powered software. By using artificial intelligence (AI), they were able to develop a new quicker software to effectively and efficiently do the cell count. The process which takes hours to finish, can now be done in a matter of seconds! This will drastically impact the total research time to develop the drugs or cures.
Being a software also contributes to a very important factor, cost.

Normal equipment is very expensive, as the hardware material itself is very costly. However, our software quickly resolves all of these issues as it can be customised according to each company / lab’s needs. The software will work in conjunction with the currently available technology in laboratories. Meaning, the cost will be significantly lower. Not to mention the time saved for the researchers, allowing them to focus on the next steps of their work and reach their results that much faster.

The solutions we offer are much needed especially with the rising threat of the Corona virus, the global pandemic we face these days.

It’s one of many which the world needs cures and answers for, what better way than to decrease the time and effort spent on cell counting, so researchers can focus more on their next step

AI is the future and the future starts now!