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Admin / January 24, 2023

Our lives has drastically changed these passed decades due to many factors; one of which is technology. As it keeps developing, our lives advances as well. One many branches of technology is artificial intelligence. AI has come a long way in these past few years. What was once a lovely theory, had become an undeniable reality. AI has advanced in so many ways, that it has become a crucial part of almost all scientific fields.

Some people still do not grasp how crucial and reliable AI is nowadays, nor the many fields and researches that actually use it. Everyday, AI conquers a new field. And like many other things, people did not believe in their reliability, it has proven the contrary.

Let’s journey back to the past; when the stethoscope was first invented, it was widely discredited by many people, as they believed it was better to rely on doctor’s senses. However, now, no one works without one. Another example, was federated learning used to help doctor’s identify health issues with their patients, however nowadays new machine learning has picked up and resolved the patients privacy issues, which were the main concern; that inputting patients’ data can be tracked back to the patient himself, revealing who they are. But with machine learning, this is no longer a concern, as the data can be used without releasing or revealing any personal data about the patients.

These were just two of many examples which show that AI, as any new technology,  faces some concerns and “trust issues”. But it is in fact a reliable and trust source. AI is widely used nowadays in the medical field. According to Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD article called “A.I. In Healthcare, 2021: 8 Exciting Insights From The E-Book”; he states that life science study numbers has risen from 1,600 in 2010 to 7,300 in 2020. Practical examples can also be seen making way inside research labs;  In France alone, 1 in 5 A.I. start-ups operate in the healthcare sector. In the pharmaceutical space, more than 230 start-ups are using the technology in drug discovery.

However, there are still many branches that it haven’t tapped into yet. One of which, are the researches and the labs. The unseen soldiers of the medical and healthcare system are our researchers who work tirelessly to discover treatments, vaccines and cures. Their work requires long and complex experiments. But with using these newly developed technologies, we were able to save up a lot of time and money for researchers and for the laboratories, such resources would be spent on other resources for the researches. Rapid Bio-Labs vision is to help them out using advanced technologies through AI algorithms.

Like the stethoscope is now to a doctor, AI software will be to researchers; with our work here done in Bio-rapid labs.