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Admin / January 24, 2023

Research is one of the most time consuming process. A research’s time is very valuable as the results of his findings are always awaited. In the face of the pandemic the world is going through, Medical researchers are doing several protocols and procedures, which mainly rely on manual work, and it needs to be done with high accuracy. Recently, Artificial Intelligence has done noticeable achievements in several fields, including medical and research.

Many artificial intelligence tools can help in automating some of the tasks which are usually done in a long tedious manner. For instance, cell counting is one of the hectic manual tasks that take a long time to be performed. It has several applications e.g. examine the microorganism’ growth rate, cell viability, determination when cells are exposed to toxic compound and dosing control,as well as determination of a safe and effective drug doses . Thus, we have developed an accurate blood cells counter, to be used by researchers. The accuracy is currently exceeding the manual counting and the whole process takes just a few seconds to perform. In the future, we are developing counters for a larger variety of cell lines as it is our aim to accelerate the research process and help both researchers and medical staff with their battle to save lives; by saving their time and minimise the time of the experiments to a hundred times less than doing the manual processes.

Rapid Bio-labs delivers AI solutions for the medical, biological and pharmaceutical research sectors. Our engineers and scientists work hand in hand to accelerate monotonous research tasks and facilitate the advancement of healthcare, by developing trustworthy intelligent software, which accelerates medical research. Integrating AI technologies in medical research will help humanity to fight diseases in a rapid manner. Our software is a quick, cost-effective, and accessible system to automate cell counting in laboratories where this practice is performed manually or with the use of modern and costly technology. Rapid Bio-Labs focuses on cell counting due to its importance in medicine and biology and because it is usually a tedious, laborious and manual method.

Cell count is an essential method, and it is widely used in several fields; in medicine, it gives crucial information regarding the health situation of a person. In research, it is important in studies that examine the microorganism’s’ growth rate and cell viability experiments. In cell therapy, it used to control the drug dose administered to a patient.

Our software has many advantages: it’s an independent software, there’s no ongoing purchase of hardware accessories, quick cell counting (a few seconds), Low cost, Easily accessible, Suitable for the different type of cells fluorescent and non-fluorescent images. Our software is affordable, accurate and rapid, a solution that works in conjunction with the technology currently available in laboratories, will save R&D and academic institutions resources that can be invested in delivering innovative cures from the researchers’ outcomes. We believe that the research’s time is valuable, precious, and critical especially during the current pandemic times as all the world is racing against time to develop vaccines to protect people from COVID-19 infections and save their lives as well.

Cell counting refers to the number of cells within a well-defined volume of a sample. The results from a cell counting process is often used to determine cell viability and behaviour and testing efficacy of active compounds on cell lines. Cell counting is also used by researchers to study the viability and behaviour of infectious viruses, bacteria and different model organisms such as C. Elegans and dictyostelium; by continuously monitoring cell counts of a sample, the conditions for cell growth and growth restrictions are identified, thus finding ways to eradicate infectious pathogens and identification of the best active compounds. Furthermore, an accurate cell count calculates the number of dead and living cells in a cell culture, which determines the life expectancy of cancerous cells.

The most popular method for cell counting is using a Hemocytometer, which is inexpensive but laborious and prone to user bias. Counting cells with Hemocytometers requires a lot of training and entails long hours of performing a tedious and repetitive task, which can be detrimental to researchers’ physical well-being as this practice has the potential of causing great physical strains to the experienced researcher. Automated cell counting instruments provide a solution to the tedious practice of manual cell counting, however the price associated with these devices are often too high for laboratories to acquire, leaving the important procedure of delivering accurate cell counts to manual practices that are time consuming, physically laborious and do not guarantee accuracy.

Our team created machine learning (ML) algorism using computer vision Technology trained with a data set of microscopic cell images. It is integrated with an Artificial neural network (ANN) and AI algorithm to detect the cell and count. The software is based on a secured cloud which is connected to the website. The image is simply uploaded to your account.

No Software installation or updates are required. The AI-powered counter has Scientifically proven its efficiently in multiple scientific published articles and textbook. Rapid Bio-labs combines technologies with science to help medical researchers in an efficient way. As we provide a quick, cost-effective, and accessible cloud-based software as a service for cell counting in laboratories where this practice is performed manually or with the use of modern and costly technology. Our experts possess exceptional knowledge and drive to advance the research experience. And because we know that each project is unique, our software is customised; AI-powered software which can be used in a variety of research projects, whether biological, pharmaceutical, or medical, researchers use it with the aim of accelerating experiments’ outcomes and producing innovation. Our engineers understand the diverging complexities of the methods used in experiments across different fields. Through experience, we were able to make suggestions and offer a thorough understanding of experiments’ requirements and their priorities.

The Machine Learning technologies delivered by Rapid Bio-labs provide a quick, cost-effective and accessible software solution to researchers and medical institutions. Applying image processing practices, microscopy cell images are processed, classified and calculated, with transparent results that reveal the level of accuracy per sample. The data used to train our models are acquired through conventions with educational institutions which ensures a high level of accuracy and guarantees fast results at accessible prices.

At Rapid Bio-Labs, we take you from tedious to Rapid.