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Admin / January 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence has made its way into many fields, as it proved to be quite precise and useful, providing results in short time. AI is currently applied in the medical and research fields; as it is capable of doing heavy work in a short time, thus saving time and effort for medical researchers and doctors. One of the processes it is used in, is one of the longest and hardest ones; image analysis.

Automated analytical systems started to emerge as systems of database, which allows scanning of medical images as to be done on computers and to help with construction of huge amounts of data.

AI can be applied to medical images, allowing highly accurate diagnosis possible. Medical images must be labelled and standardized, in order to do any diagnosis. In the traditional way, the data can be overwhelming for one person to memorize and work with, but now the data can simply be entered into machine learning tools, then the diagnosis can done in a matter of seconds, the results are quick and accurate. Classification of data is performed by a supervised machine-learning tool, however, clustering and generation can be done by an unsupervised machine-learning tool.

Artificial intelligence can scan medical images and configure huge data. Therefore, medical imaging started to be applied with AI structures, giving a satisfactory outcome as it gives accurate results. Some models for image analysis has proven to be efficient; one example is the CNN, aka, convolution neural network. It consists of many algorithms that optimizes Data and extracts features from images. Deep learning algorithms, are often used as a method for analysis of medical images.

A remarkable growth in medical imaging analysis has been noticed recently; using the AI methods that consists of deep-learning algorithms.

Deep-learning technology is capable of improving diagnostic performance; as it automatically extracts features of complex medical images accurately, and by also doing a comparison between them. Work that usually takes much time and effort, can be done in seconds, all thanks to AI. Image analysis done by an AI algorithm has proven to be much better than the traditional image analysis methods.
Through Artificial Intelligence and it’s development, the performance and accuracy of many medical images has been improved drastically, and as it continues to develop, it is expected to keep making the lives of researchers and doctors easier, by providing results with less effort on their part.