Artificial Intelligence for Cell Counting

We accelerate medical research through Artificial intelligent software

Rapid BioLabs provides a quick, cost-effective, and accessible cloud-based software as a service for cell counting in laboratories where this practice is performed manually or with the use of modern and costly technology.
At Rapid Biolabs we believe that producing an affordable, accurate and rapid software solution that works in conjunction with the technology currently available in laboratories, will save industrial R & D and academic institutions resources that can be invested in delivering innovative cures from the researchers’ outcomes.

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Latest News

Rapid Bio-Labs is delighted to announce a collaboration with the Medway Metabonomics research group at the University of Greenwich to develop innovative AI-powered software, click here for more info.

Featured Services

Rapid Biolabs technology can be used in the following application areas

Through our intelligent automation technology, researchers in pharmaceutical and biological institutions can accelerate the results of their experiments and produce innovative cures.

Students in higher education use our software solution to accelerate their experiments and free them from the repetitive tasks of their research.

Our team is made up of experienced Machine Learning and Biology academics.

Our experts possess exceptional knowledge and drive to advance the research experience.

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